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Hello. We are Arcafeed.

Arcafeed scours the web for relevant, credible, and reliable information such as news articles and market discrepancies. Our advanced filtration algorithm displays various market indicators catered to your stock/crypto portfolios to help you stay knowledgeable in the financial world.

More About Us.

Built by Traders. Thinkers. Builders. As people who are actively involved in the markets, we have constantly faced the struggle of deciphering what to make of certain information. The lack of personalized information in the financial industry has led to more and more aimless investors. Arcafeed is here to change that. Our mission is to enable you to cut through the noise and trade with confidence.

Two Plans.

Get started for free and gain access to a general news feed and industry-leading screening features. With Arcafeed Premium, you can stay ahead of the market and unlock a personalized financial experience. Just $4.99 a month. Cancel anytime.

Know your stocks.

Arcafeed enables the everyday investor to be in the know about their holdings. Real-time news, with no compromises in quality. Arcafeed fosters financial literacy in a convenient and concise manner.

Connect your brokerage

Plaid let's you reliably connect your investment accounts to Arcafeed so that you can view your data in real time.

You're in control

We don't share your personal information without your permission, and we don’t sell or rent it to outside companies.


Your data is powerful—and no one should access it without your permission. For that reason, our information security practices are designed to meet or exceed industry standards.

Your Stocks

Gain insight into your companies. Access a personalized newsfeed and market indicators based on your trading portfolio (includes options trading). Our advanced article filteration algorithim makes sure you are making the most out of your precious time.

Get In Touch With Us.

Where to Find Us

Boston, MA +1 857 348 9205